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4 comments on this post.
  1. Lynnell Albrecht:

    Where do I find info a bout the Home School Honor Society. I use to be able to find it before the site was updated.

  2. Brian:

    It stated above that if public school testing was no longer required then home school testing would no longer be required. Well public school is no longer required to take norm testing so I guess it’s no longer required and home schoolers should not be forced to take this test. They should save Arkansas some money ($250,000) and eliminate this useless testing.

  3. Geneva:

    How many extra credits are required for a high school student to graduate through you?

  4. Claudia Goins:

    I emailed a few times before asking about graduating a special needs child . This is his last year and we had to modify his classes to accommodate his ability.

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