Geography, World Missions & Comparative Religion

As the students reached ninth grade, they began giving individual talks. We let them choose their own topics so that they would be interested in the material, which helped ease their initial fear of public speaking. We told those who were still scared, “Do the thing you fear, and the death of fear is certain!” By the time they were seniors, these students were teaching an entire sixty-minute class twice a year.

Our center closed its doors about five years ago, and most of those young people have finished college. Many of them have contacted me to tell me that these classes helped prepare them for college and life . . . classes that stimulated their thinking, encouraged the development of a desire to reach the world for Jesus, and also taught them valuable speaking skills.

But be careful! My kids have now been to China, Thailand, Greece, Korea, England, Italy, and other countries whose names I can’t even pronounce! I miss them desperately, but at least they are forcing me to become a world traveler too! This year my schedule includes a trip to England for my daughter’s wedding and a trip to Germany with my son. So hop in the car and start your own journeys! That’s the beauty of homeschooling—you can take your studies with you wherever you go!


Mary Hood, Ph.D., and her husband, Roy, homeschooled their five children since the early 1980s. All have successfully made the transition to adulthood. Mary has a Ph.D. in education and is the director of ARCHERS for the Lord, Inc. (The Association of Relaxed Christian Home Educators). She is the author of The Relaxed Home School, The Joyful Home Schooler, and other books, and is available for speaking engagements. Contact her via her website,

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