An Item of Discussion About Convention Workshops

We are starting to plan the 2011 Home School Convention. One item of discussion is Saturday workshops, which we are considering only having on Friday. Here’s why.

Since we’re moving the used book sale from Friday night to Saturday afternoon, there will be a lot of activities on Saturday–including the exhibit hall and graduation ceremony. Our concern is that this might be overwhelming for convention-goers. ¬†However, we definitely want to hear from you. What do you think?

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  1. Kori Ireland:

    Would that mean fewer workshops? I would hate to see fewer workshops. I enjoy going to them and learning new things, getting inspired and finding new ideas to use. But everybody has different preferences, so it takes lots of workshops to meet everyone’s needs. I would like to see the booksale stay at a time when there are not other activities, so one can participate in the vendor hall/workshops, as well as the booksale. If the booksale is at the same time as the other convention activities, I will not participate because the actual convention is far more important to me. If all that happens on Saturday is graduation and the booksale, I don’t think as many people would come on Saturday. And ots of people I know only come on Saturday because Dad is more likely available to watch the kids.

  2. Melissa Savary:

    Thanks for the comments. I appreciate them. The dilemma is this. For the last three years, we have had 1200+ people show up on Friday and 300 or less people show up on Saturday. The reality is people aren’t showing up on Saturday. That is why I’m considering cancelling workshops on Saturday. Why pay the speakers and pay for the rooms if hardly anyone is sitting in the chairs? However, more people attend on the day of the used book sale. So, if I move it to Saturday, attendance should improve and I could keep the Saturday workshops. But what would that do to Friday’s attendance? See the dilemma?

  3. Amy Jernigan:

    I really like the booksale being on Friday Night, that way if what I need is not there, I can buy it at the vendor hall. Also maybe if you held the Keynote speakers till the Saturday workshop times perhaps that would help. Then Friday would have a draw for the booksale and Saturday for the speakers. Just a thought. Thanks.

  4. Julie Shurley:

    I would like to see the used book sale and vendor hall on Friday afternoon (before sundown), because I observe Saterday Sabbath and would not be buying or selling on that day.

  5. Amelia Brister:

    Would not having Saturday workshops affect getting volunteers for Friday? Just a thought.